Our history

The FLOR DE LA PAZ Foundation was born in Valle de Bravo. It stems from a local concern to generate well-being for Mexico and its people.

We know that 30% of Mexico City’s water comes from the Cutzamala system. We are aware of the degree of deforestation in our lands. This awareness —along with the lack of rural employment and opportunities —has created the need for a far-reaching project of great outreach that can make a real difference for the situation.

FLOR DE LA PAZ started by healing 7 hectares of soil by treating it with green manure for over six months. Now, the land is fertile, rich in benign microbiology, and free from erosion. Before we acquired the land, its traditional owners used fertilizers and pesticides, which inevitably damaged the soil, severely. From the moment we started our process, a great effort has been made to create an eco-culture that can strengthen humans’ relationship with nature and generate a direct bond to their well-being. As a part of that culture, we’re building two lakes for rainwater collection, which in turn will water the hectares by means of a dripping system that will provide the plants with the right amount of hydration, no more, no less. This will result in a significant water saving percentage.

After thorough investigation, we began developing sustainable agriculture focused on cultivating medicinal plants that would become organic teas to sell and boost employment in the area.

Today, FLOR DE LA PAZ is a 100 percent organic and sustainable agri-cultural model that creates dignified employment. Our agricultural communities heal the soil with the most advanced organic production techniques, respecting all of our plants’ life cycles, no exceptions allowed.

Our purpose is to keep instructing farmers and landowners of vulnerable areas to sow their own fields in order to become FLOR DE LA PAZ suppliers so they may provide for their families with the tranquility they deserve.

FLOR DE LA PAZ is a project for all Mexicans who want to generate change with great outreach onto the areas of health, agriculture, and education. We strive to create and spread knowledge derived from the respectful and kind relationship of humans with their environment.

We seek to inspire. To make this world a better place. To sow our seeds.