100% organic, from sustainable growth
27 g loose leaf tea

In the realm of nature’s most wonderful miracles, Chamomile stands out from the rest. An all-time favorite remedy thanks to its healing properties (digestive, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, etc.) It’s amazing how much good can fit in one tiny flower.


Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla).


Net content: 105g
Varieties: 70 Sachets


Net content: 27g
Varieties: loose leaf herb


Net content: 300g
Varieties: Loose leaf herb


Net content: 27g
Kit: Loose leaf herb + Infuser glass


Best time to drink

Any time is chamomile time. Its properties are boosted if drunk hot after a meal. You can drink it all day long or with snacks just like flavored cool water.

Method of preparation


  1. Heat 500 ml of water at 90 °C.
  2. Add two spoonfuls (2 g) of loose leaf tea.
  3. Seep 5 -7 minutes.


  1. Heat 500 ml of water at 90 °C.
  2. Add two spoonfuls (2 g) of loose leaf tea.
  3. Seep 5 -7 minutes.
  4. Let it cool down and/or add ice.

What does it taste like?

Here, at the FLOR DE LA PAZ fields, our tea is much more than a product: It’s a special way of relating to the land and what it provides us. Our Chamomile is grown with special care, without harmful interventions on every step of its way. From the beginning as a tiny seed, we fortify its essential oils and nutritional properties while protecting its natural virtues and intense notes of sweetness. Get a taste of the real flower power!

Enjoy it even more

Whether it’s hot or cold, add a spoonful of organic honey to your tea for an even sweeter experience.

Try it chilled and experiment adding fruit for sweetness.

Your seed in the world

We heal the land to heal more men. Discover our Foundation’s work and become a part of our amazing labor on the fields.


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